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Jax Thai Massage and Bodywork is your premier location for Thai Massage and advanced bodywork in Jacksonville FL. We want your experience to be a great one, that is why we listen to your requests, and take time with you to learn your wellness goals. Jax Thai Massage and Bodywork has teamed up with many wellness providers, if you are looking for a wellness team, we are here to help.

It is our philosophy that it truly takes a team to complete your wellness goals. We have searched out some of the best providers in Jacksonville Florida. Please visit our preferred partner page. We thank you for your time, and look forward to be a part of your wellness team.


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Experience More Energy, Less Stress, and Greater Overall Physical and Emotional Health offered at Blue Lotus Acupuncture in Jacksonville Beach.We at Blue Lotus provide Natural Solutions to heal the root cause of chronic health issues and pain without any side effects or expensive prescription drugs.

If you are ready to make beneficial lifestyle changes, take responsibility for your health and commit to the healing process, we will gently guide and provide you with the means to do so. We know how challenging and intimidating it can be to leave your comfortable but unhealthy habits behind and to stay the course, which is why we are very dedicated to helping you adopt a more health oriented approach to living, eating, breathing, and being.

Please contact our office if you are ready to regain your health and well being using a gentle, safe, time tested, and highly effective natural healthcare approach.

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