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Sound…From Relaxation to Exaltation

Experience rejuvenation through the sounds of Sound… a musical group who emphasize the textures of unique world instruments and melodies of creativity. 
This is an experience unlike any other. 
We start you low to get you high! 
Begin by lying down and relaxing to didgeridoos, singing bowls,  percussion and more. Then flow through changes of instruments and harmony until you are up and moving to the rhythms of guitar, violin, drums and dance. All the while,  being mesmerized by artistic visuals!
Sound… is a group of 4 musicians with deep interest in music,  performance and art.
Arielle Raff excels with violin, harmonium, shamisen, etc.
Ryan Sullivan specializes in flutes of the world and other winds
Corey McHugh is creative with guitar, xylophone, loops and more
Reo Morris expands percussion to new and funky realms
All four work to support each other and listeners through texture,  harmony,  rhythm and counterpoint.

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