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Thai Hot Stone Reflexology

Accessing the hundreds of nerve endings in our feet and legs, hands and arms, ears and head which connect to and inform organs and systems in our bodies is the science behind Reflexology. The Reflex points in hands, arms, face, head and ears may be included in helping to clear restriction, including Gua Sha and Auricular Ear Seed applications. Your 60 or 90 minute session with include warming stones, hot towels and essential oils. This modality does not require you disrobe, but please wear loose fitting pants to access your legs above the knees.


The oldest traditions of massage began on the floor, with participants fully clothed, and focus to neurological energy lines and points, stretching, lymphatic cleansing via joint traction and a combination of compression and vibration. Still used as Medical Massage in the Ancient cultures today, both Thai Massage and Shiatsu are performed with the participant fully clothed in loose, comfortable clothing, without lubricants, on a futon on the floor. Imagine a full yoga routine of 90 minutes but all the work is done for you, just lay there and receive. Stretching is key in this work blended with the breath awareness and work that sometimes comes with that. Himalayan Singing Bowls are included to calm the nervous system, break though lymphatic and myofascial restrictions, along with wooden reflexology tools. This offering is exclusively available on the futon and 90 minutes minimum. If mat work on the floor or 90 minutes are an uncomfortable combination for you, perhaps you might prefer Thai Reflexology for similar work.


The most important joint in our body is not what most people think of as a joint, it doesn't look like an elbow, knee or ankle. Our spine connects to our hips and to our skull, our nervous system is enclosed in our spine and skull, and is so easily influenced by the muscles surrounding this complicated system. We don't think too much about the joints in our skill either, they fit together like the teeth of a zipper, with massive muscles running from the top of our head all the way down along our neck to our chest and upper back. If these joints and muscles are out of whack, might that effect the functioning of our brain and nervous system? YES!!! Though this work feels very light, it's impact and effect are profound. We do not just work on your head, but follow the entire line of your nervous system to your hips, coaching the body to release restrictions in tissue and ease back into natural circulation. Every system in our body is full of lymph (including our brain), a protein-rich immunity compound that both protects joint mobility and circulates waste out of our various systems. Clogged lymph can lead to swelling, fever, headaches, restricted joint mobility, rash and ache, indigestion, uro-genital complications, reduced immunity and ineffective healing. These modalities are blended together in the Osteopathic Whole-Body approach to bring your nervous system back into homeostasis. No lubricants are used nor will you be asked to disrobe. Kinesiotape, gentle cupping, cleansing/circulating essential oils and ear seeds may be applied for chronic lymphatic conditions. 60 and 90 minute sessions are available.

Vibro-Acoustic Therapies with Singing Bowls & Tuning Forks

The oldest forms of therapy are vibration and the sounds they make, whether it is a calming, mother's voice and rocking, Shamanic Song and drumming, indigenous song and dance cycles or simply putting on your favorite song to change your mood. The 7-Metal bowls made in Nepal are still used in healing in the Near East, due to their composition being the same as bells, so that they resonate long and deep, providing the hypnotic "singing" effect. Before there were vibration guns so many use for pain and recovery now, these resonating bowls were used on the body. With an extensive collection of both 7-bell-metal and crystal singing bowls, you will experience the vibration directly on your body as well as around you. In addition to the bowls, an extensive collection of tuning forks are used to pin-point trouble spots, meridian lines, acu-points or focused frequency alignment. Our brainwaves control both our health and mood, which is why your favorite song can change your mood so radically or a discordant song or sound can deeply disrupt our focus. This is surprising powerful and effective work, we are 80% water which vibrates with the tones we apply on and around you. You will NOT be required to disrobe, no lubricants are used, though essential oils may be used for their frequencies as well. 60 and 90 minute sessions are available.