Massage Therapist 

Ally Porter is a massage therapist here at Shine. You will always find her around the office with high-spirits and a big smile! She specializes in deep tissue and therapeutic massage. 

Debra Quinn

Esthetician/Massage TherapistLess

A licensed Esthetician and Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, has been in the industry for over 20 years. Her passion of natural and organic products and services, comes from being personally trained by Master European therapists of both esthetics and massage. These ingredients found in nature bring wellness and balance to client's lives. Allowing natural beauty to SHINE from the inside out! I strive to show people an organic, economical, green and healthier lifestyle can be accomplished everyday!


Lauren has over 20 years experience in several esthetic modalities. Her training allows her to customize each service for the individual for maximum results. Lauren has a passion for helping her clients meet their skincare goals with her curated treatment plans. With her healing touch you will always feel transformed and relaxed.



Carly is a licensed massage therapist, having graduated in 2013 from The Salon Professional Academy of Melbourne, FL. She is also certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in digestive wellness, hormone balancing, skin health, and optimizing liver function. She believes preventative care is the key to physical, emotional and mental well-being in both practices. In massage, she has worked with many different clients and been able to significantly improve issues such as golf and / or tennis elbow, sciatica pain, migraines / headaches, lymphatic drainage, hip pain and shoulder reconstruction / rotator cuff injuries. In massage, she often uses modalities to stimulate the vagus nerve, which can have enormous impacts on overall health by stimulating the "rest & digest" parasympathetic nervous system. She also emphasizes the importance of lymphatic and glymphatic drainage in achieving optimal health. The lymphatic system is one that is often overlooked, but is a huge part of detoxification of the body. Her passion for health wellness is the foundation of her being.

Joyce Inderkum

Joyce Inderkum (MA63644) brings an extensive history in Professional Sports and Athletic Rehabilitation to the Corrective bodywork world. Her work focuses on assessing imbalances and assisting the body to correct itself, along with the education for you to continue the work on your own. Coming from a world where getting the athlete back in the game ASAP is what keeps you employed, Joyce focuses on the structural patterns that create long-term correction. U.S Tennis Association, W.W.E, Cirque du Soleil, Florida Ironman Florida Ultraman, USA Triathlon, University of Central Florida Sports Medicine Department and USPL Hockey are a few of Joyce's therapy experiences Fully Certified in Vodder Lymphatic Medical Lymphatic Drainage for post surgical/injury recovery and vetted Medical Therapist with the Wounded Warrior Florida Looking forward to assisting you with your return to unrestricted mobility! Please feel free to reach out directly with any specific questions about your conditions or treatment plans, Joyce travels from St Augustine for availability limited to Tuesdays, offering her specific menu of bodywork options exclusively. Cranial/Lymphatic Balancing, Thai/Shiatsu with Singing Bowls, Thai Hot Stone Reflexology, VibroAcoustic Therapies with Singing Bowls & Tuning Forks,

Joyce Inderkum