Thai-Shiatsu with Singing Bowls

Shine Massage & Spa

The oldest traditions of massage began on the floor, with participants fully clothed, and focus to neurological energy lines and points, stretching, lymphatic cleansing via joint traction and a combination of compression and vibration. Still used as Medical Massage in the Ancient cultures today, both Thai Massage and Shiatsu are performed with the participant fully clothed in loose, comfortable clothing, without lubricants, on a futon on the floor. Imagine a full yoga routine of 90 minutes but all the work is done for you, just lay there and receive. Stretching is key in this work blended with the breath awareness and work that sometimes comes with that. Himalayan Singing Bowls are included to calm the nervous system, break though lymphatic and myofascial restrictions, along with wooden reflexology tools. This offering is exclusively available on the futon and 90 minutes minimum. If mat work on the floor or 90 minutes are an uncomfortable combination for you, perhaps you might prefer Thai Reflexology for similar work.